Video Club

From the Home page  use the left and right buttons on the remote to select the Video Club icon. Use the up and down arrow to select either ‘All’ or another genre.

The channels are listed in the date that they were added to the system, to select a movie or TV series you have a few methods,

Option 1 : Use the arrow up or down to make your selection. When an item is highlighted, you can press the arrow to the right to get more information about the chosen movie or TV series. Use the Fast Play button to go up or down a page at a time.

Option 2 : Press the Blue button F4 and select ‘Search’. Using the onscreen keyboard that appears, type in the name of the movie or TV series you’re looking for. When you see the movie or TV series appear in the list, press the Virtual Keyboard button to remove the onscreen keyboard then press the exit button to remove the search bar, then highlight your chosen movie or TV series of choice and press OK.

Option 3 : Press the Blue F4 button and select ‘Picking’, here you can select movies/TV series by either the first letter, the genre or the year. Or you can use a combination of all 3. For example, to find the movie ‘Singing in the rain’, select the letter S and the year 1952. Supposing you want to watch a Western movie from 1959, make sure the letter column is on the * sign, the Genre column is on Western and lastly the year column is on 1959.


If you press the App button while viewing VideoClub you’ll see this option, this will allow you to enable/disable subtitles if that option is available. Press the arrow down to highlight 'subtitles', then press the arrow to the right, highlight Off then press 'OK' on the remote.

The four coloured buttons on the remote are in use in Video Club mode.
Press the Green button to sort by:
  • Add Time
  • Favorites
  • Not Ended
By sorting by Not Ended you can resume a movie or tv show to the position where you left off.