Catch-Up TV

In your channel list you will notice that some channels have an orange clock and some don’t. The ones with the orange clock have ‘Catch-Up TV’, most of them have seven day catch-up available.

To access Catch-Up TV, highlight the channel you wish to watch and press the arrow button to the right. Everything below the highlighted channel is the broadcasts planned for the rest of the day, as they haven’t broadcast yet they are not available, the list is for your information only. Everything above the highlighted channel is broadcasts from earlier today and are available to view, simply use the arrow up or down to select a programme and press OK.

You can fast-forward, rewind and pause Catch-Up TV using the Skip and Play/Pause buttons.


To select channels from a different day, press the arrow to the left and today will be highlighted. Everything underneath ‘today’ is in the future and not available on CatchUp yet, so the TV guide is for information purposes only. Everything above today’s date is a day in the past and there may be Catch-Up broadcasts available on that day, so select a day in the past that you would like to watch a Catch-Up broadcast from and press OK  then the arrow button to the right, scroll up and down to select the programme you wish to watch and then press OK.


The four coloured buttons on the remote are not in use in Catch-up mode.