MAG254 Smartphone Remote

The development of technologies that are meant to make our living more comfortable is constantly evolving, and Infomir is always keeping pace with these changes.

For the viewers’ maximum comfort, we have added to MAG remote control other programmable buttons able to manipulate not only the IPTV Set-Top Box, but the television as well.   

We put together a better user-friendly solution. Our team developed the application MAGic Remote that allows using your smart phone or your tablet running on Android or iOS as a remote control. It has a few button layouts. This way you can choose the layout that works best for you.

Web surfers and social network users will be happy to learn that this application has a keyboard and a touchpad.    

To begin using this app just connect the smart phone to the same WiFi network as the MAG Set-Top Box and make sure “remote control” function is on.

 Download the application free of charge!